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Beware of the naked man who offers you the shirt off his back

It is sad, but there are people out there who view older people as prey. The ingratiate themselves as friends and caregivers and then progress to having them make out a will with them as the beneficiary, buy their property for a ridiculously low price, etc.  

They often promise to "keep them out of a nursing home--those hell-holes where people will abuse them." They isolate the older individual from friends and relatives by telling lies and getting them to believe they are the only one who should be trusted.

The article article at the link below provides a great profile of the perpetrators and victims. Unfortunately I can attest that it is accurate as it fits a personal situation that I am involved with.

Nursing Homes and other care facilities get a bad rap. Yes, there are bad ones, but don't let that concern blind you to exploiters who will tell you whatever you want to hear in order to get your property. Check out the facilities carefully before you make a decision to live in one--and doubly check the "free" and "low cost" alternatives.

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