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No more Sweaters. Here is What I would Really Like From My Kids/Grandkids

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Sometimes it is tough to think of a gift for an elder. Here are a few suggestions that won’t cost much and I am sure would be appreciated. Time spent together is what will be remembered long after a material gift is discarded

Send a hand-written note. Make it personal. Even if it is just a joke or a simple remembrance, it is the thought that counts.

Make a surprise telephone call or visit. Again, it does not need to be anything elaborate. The message that you want to convey is “I am thinking about you—you matter to me.”

Offer to help with tasks. The possibilities are endless, but some things to consider:

Help with technology—computers, smart phones, etc. It might take some probing, but chances are you know things they would like to learn—Facebook Twitter, Taking photos, Zoom?

Help with cleaning, painting, washing windows, sorting through closets --older people tend to accumulate stuff and have trouble with heavy cleaning. Be diplomatic about broaching the subject. Sometimes it is hard to ask for help.

Help with anything involving ladders—ladders can be dangerous for older people so cleaning gutters, getting things out of the attic, putting stuff on high shelves, etc. can be really helpful.

Washing and polishing their car—who wouldn’t like that?

Offer to run errands—especially in COVID times this can be useful

Help with holiday decorating-especially outside decorating

Ask them to teach you something—everyone like to feel valued. Maybe how to make Christmas cookies, sew, fix something, build something. What are they good at?

Make a Family Scrapbook—do they have pictures? Do you have pictures? Spending time with an elder making a scrap book and hearing their stories is time well spent

Get Their Help with Creating a Family Tree—you probably don’t know half of what you should about your relatives. Get the elder to help you create a family tree.

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